Nutcase Bird Toy review..

I have had one of these for several years , and decided to buy a new one for my African Grey , I remove it every night from his cage , fill it with peanuts in the shell , put it in a plastic bag until the morning clean up of his cage and fill all his other dishes with goodies ( fruit , veg nuts , you name it , he gets it ) I find they are great for giving your pet parrot something else to do along with his other toys that he can come back to , during the day. I find removing it at night , refilling it ready for the next day just saves me time in a morning with one less thing to do . All in all a great product as long as its used in conjunction with other toys / entertainment , it would be sad if this was all your bird had. Excellent product , well worth buying.

The Nutcase has been designed to provide stimulation and exercise for your parrot. In their natural habitat, parrots have to work and search for food. The NutCase gives your parrot the opportunity to do just that!

Prevent boredom, and destructive behaviour with the NutCase!

Hang toy from the top of the cage near a perch where your parrot can easily reach it. Can also be used as a foraging toy. Fill it with peanuts or similar sized treats.

Dimensions (Approx):
24.5cm in length including chain
6cm (W) X 11.5cmcm size of ball
1.5cm (W) X 2cm (H) size of holes

100% Natural rubber bird toy with hanging clip and bell inside ball.

Suitable For:
A treat toy for Amazons, African Greys and similiar sized parrots

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