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Use for seed and grain eating birds from hatching, squab over 1-2 weeks of age.

Directions for Handfeeding: Start hatchling on a dilute diet of about 10% formula, 90% water (10% soilids).  Measurements are best made on weight basis.  Volume measurements can be variable and may lead to uneven and slow growth.  If voume measure must be used, assume 1 cup of water = 250 grams and 1 cup loosley packed formula 3 = 100 grams.  1/4 cup formula 3 in 1 cup water is about 10% solids.  As chicks get older gradually thicken the formula.  Different species will require higher percent solids at different ages.  The table below is a general guide only.

Mix dry formula into warm water and feed as soon as possible at about 40 degrees C (105oF).  Make fresh formula
at each feeding.  Never feed leftovers.  Do not supplement with vitamins or minerals.

Feed chicks at regular intervals during a 16 hour period each day.  Time feedings such that the crop is almost empty at the time of the next feed.  Fill the crop at each feeding.

Store in a cool, dry place.  Freezing maximises shelf life without harming the nutrients.

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