Best thing ever!

This is the best thing I ever did for my galah. She’s a clever girl and I’ve never seen her more chirpy than when she’s realised she’s getting to come outside with me. She used to sit at the Window when I was in the backyard, wishing she could come out. This has improved her quality of life tenfold. Thank you !

Very Satisfied Customer

I would highly recommend your company, as postage was very quick and the item was just as described, and fits my ekky perfectly. :) Very satisfied customer...

The AVIATOR Bird Harness & Leash

We sell the original AVIATOR Bird Harness & Leash.

Now your companion has freedom to exercise, fly and explore any area without escaping your control. The AVIATOR Harness uses advanced technology that is not used in any other style of pet bird harness and is the only truly safe bird restraint system. The AVIATOR constitutes a new mindset necessary to provide safe and effective harness and leash restraint systems for bird.  

Hundreds of thousands sold around the world attest to the safety and quality of The Aviator. 

The only ESCAPE PROOF pet bird harness on the market. Your bird can easily remove the leash and sometimes the harness from every other brand of harness. Easily fits the largest pet birds and budgies as small as <75 grams. 

One piece design 
No pieces to assemble. Advanced engineering has eliminated dangerous buckles and clips that distract and injure birds. 

Easiest to install 
Only one slide Installs in less than 1⁄2 the time it takes to install all other harness. 

Elastic Leash For Safety 
Elastic leash safely absorbs impact shock and keeps birds from being injured if they unexpectedly fly to the end of the leash. 

Revolutionary design 
Reduces the total harness weight - especially on small birds. Some harnesses can weigh as much as the bird! Petite and Extra Small harnesses weight only 10 grams. Larger sizes weight only 25 grams. Specially engineered collar Hugs the neck keeping the strap from sliding toward the wings and annoying your pet. The AVIATOR’s special collar design is the only harness that allows birds to safely wear the harness with food in their crop. 

Self-adjusting leash 
Changes orientation as bird moves around handler. Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies. Please note this is an automatic feature that operates while the bird is in flight or moves around the handler and only adjusts when required. 

Special design knitted nylon strap 
Very flexible to conform to your friends’ body. Special Ultrasonic Cutting and Welding of material Eliminates distractive stitching and shape edges that can cut your friends very thin skin. Precise engineering of belt & slide Keeps the belt from tightening up and squeezing your companion when they pull on the leash while walking and flying 

Video Instructions Available
Manufacturer instructions showing how to install and safely use the harness. Instructions will be provided with your order.

To AVIATOR LEASH EXTENSION and AVIATOR FLIGHT LINE for greater flying distance. (Sold Separately). 

Box/Packaging may be REDUCED in size. Harness may be flat packed. 


(Please select as per bird species listed below. Weight is a guide only, based on average adult weights)

Mini (<75g): Budgies, Love Birds, Kakariki, Parrotlets, Plum Heads, and other tiny pet birds. 

Petite (75g-110g): Large Parakeets, Small Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels & Small Conures (Green Cheeks, Brown Throat). 

X-Small (110g-190g): Quakers, Senegal, Doves, Medium Parrakeets (Indian Ringneck, Port Lincoln), Rainbow Lories, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, Large Conures (Sun, Janday, Nanday, Blue Crown) & Caiques. 

Small (190g-425g): Amazons (Lilac Crown, Blue Front), Timneh African Grey, Alexandrine, Yellow Collar Macaw, Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulphur), Large Parakeets, Chattering Lori & all Pionus Parrots. 

Medium (425g-600g): Eclectus, Medium Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted), Large Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape), Umbrella, Congo African Grey 

Large (600g-1kg): Large Macaws (Blue & Gold Macaw), Triton, Small Moluccan and Sulpher Crested Cockatoos 

X-Large (1kg-1.6kg): Large Moluccan Cockatoos, Green Winged Macaws, Hyacynth Macaws & Blue & Gold Macaws 

XX-Large (1.6kg+): Extra Large Hyacinth Green Wing Macaws (Mostly Males), Chickens, Geese & Pheasants


Please choose carefully. For the safety of your birds, The Aviator Harness or Leash Extension returns will only be accepted as long as they are unopened and the packages are in a resaleable condition (Applies to incorrect size purchase or change of mind).

Barcode # TPU_AHL
Brand The Parrot University
Unit Of Measure ea