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Fly on over...
Seeing as you're on this page, chances are we haven't met yet. So let's change that. Let's treat this first encounter, like a date - we're both new to each other, but we're interested. So let's start off by breaking the ice and introduce to you who we are. A well-informed customer is a better customer.

Here we go
We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our head office is located in Sydney, NSW. Get Flocked was first established in 2009 under the name seekapet.com.au to provide a marketplace for Australian buyers and sellers to sell their pets, pet accessories and pet supplies via a customised online classifieds. 
In 2012, the decision had been made to combine our passion for pets and eager to run our own business (yeah we know it sounds crazy). Our site performed a drastic change as we moved into an online pet accessories and online pet supplies with our first product ever for sale being the AVIATOR Harness & Leash. And here we are today.

As we expand we will continue to grow our range to cater for more products and are always more than happy to hear what you would like to see on our site. 
Our .com.au at the end of our name is the only site that we own or are affiliated with. This also represents that our business is legally registered in Australia and this is why we are able to use the .com.au domain.

We’re not high maintenance 

We'll keep things simple for you. Easy to navigate website, Easy checkout, Outstanding customer service. Done. 
Online Operations
In order to keep our prices low, at this stage we are an online operation. We are super fast with our shipping, with most items dispatched the following business day or sometimes even the same day.

We hope we have covered everything your looking for in us, however if we have forgotten anything, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.